There are two types of people:

1) Those that let society change them.
2) Those that try to change society.

Let’s all make a change and not let society get the better of us. (via jessmidek)


Public school systems never made me feel like an individual. I never felt like I was given enough credit to be good at something. It felt like herding sheep. We were treated all the same to get from point A to point B. The end result was: if we succeeded, we graduated. Of course we graduated; unless you didn’t try at all then you were thrown back into society to fend for yourself. I never got the values of what a school should instill in a young person. I believed in myself though. Maybe it was because of this feeling that all young people have. This feeling was introduced to us by our parents. They filled our heads full of nonsense since we could understand. “You can be astronaut.” “You can be a doctor.” All you had to do was set your mind to it and it would happen. Well let me tell you, once reality set in of how much schooling it takes to become a doctor and how ridiculous our school system is the best you could do is major in psychology at a junior college, if your dream of a telescope around your neck lasted that long. 


How do I put “I’m actually incredibly smart and am great with people but my grades tell you I’m dumb as fuck and can’t do math” on a resume?

I hate the concept of grades. If you wanna learn something, learn it. Doesn’t matter if it’s quantum physics or fictional languages. I don’t see why anyone feels the need to test you on what you know. The test will serve no purpose in life, if you want something, you’ll make the opportunity for it.

Just because I’m not a genius at math doesn’t mean I’m without gifts. But the world as a whole never sees it this way. All they see is “no college degree? Fuck off, go work at McDonald’s for the rest of your miserable life.” Imagine what life would be like if school was free and voluntary. Like college, but not. You go to the classes you are legitimately interested in, and don’t bother with the ones that put you to sleep

(In case you couldn’t tell, I have a pre calculus test tomorrow and this is my way of panicking)

Humanity, humanity.. Where did you go?


Music is beautiful, and I appreciate when it comes from the heart. When It’s written by you ..and when you give it your all. It’s the music I am in love with. The words , but that Doesn’t mean I will worship you , and drool over you , like you are some sort of god/goddess. It bothers me that some fans worship singers or actresses or athletes as if they are gold. They sing. Yes. And act and play a sport. Billions of people sing and play sports and act in this world who don’t get recognized, but some of these stars don’t even write their own music. Some don’t appreciate the fans..And that’s ok I guess. But you don’t know who these people are behind closed doors. What they really think ,and who they really are. You don’t know anybody really,so why do we become so infatuated with these people and ignore the real stars in our lives. The doctors who break there back going to school for years and years to learn how to reconstruct faces, remove hearts and replace new ones. The people who get paid penny’s to run into a burning building to save a family . The majority of police who actually will take a bullet for any and everybody. I get it. Stardom is amazing, still somewhat mysterious to us little people. and some stars are generous and amazing and so down to earth but dammit. These basketball players and singer and actresses are getting paid so much for nothing really.. And I watch doctors and nurses struggle to support a family.. Teachers who don’t make enough. Don’t get me wrong. Yes , if you have a talent show it off, be confident , however if I were in their shoes I would feel guilty, at the fact that I hadn’t really done much to earn billions or millions. Appreciate my talent, and enjoy it as intended ,but I would refuse to feel comfortable with men , boys/ girls worshiping me thinking I am perfect flawless as everything amazing. Let’s get real because we are all fucked up in the head. We carry demons, luggage and a whole lot of skeletons in our closet. So for the sake of the starving children and the families barley making it, for the sake of what seems like hundreds of wars and the billions dying and the coked up mothers and homeless kids..please ,let’s just for once. Please . I’m begging, start paying attention to what really matters out there. Am I crazy? Am I wrong ? Am I just loosing touch with reality. Because I feel like every news Channel is about what this star said as if that was going to help anything in this world. We care about her and her having another baby, we spend billions on garbage reality television , all for what? It’s not reality.. Can we wake up. Can I please one day want to actually feel happy about raising a child in this world ? Can we pay attention to what will matter the next day? Or twenty years from now for that fact.


so I’ve been thinking over the past 3 months or so, a lot, and the past 3 years I’ve been through so much more than anyone would know, anyone from my school, anyone from social media, anyone, because I keep it to myself but you know what, I’ve come up with an epiphany, WHY SHOULD I GIVE A FUCK? I’m young, so young, and these years without major responsibilities are here to be LIVED and LOVED, not to be spent under the pressures of rules and regulations, so you know what, yeah I’m going to do well at school, yeah I’m going to still look after myself, but no longer am I going to let the thoughts in my head keeping me from sleeping out with my friends, getting drunk, going to parties, and I think we should all realise and take a big step back and look at how little time we have left of this innocence, so much little time that these laws are going to be in place for us and how much boring it’s going to be to not break them. I want us all to realise that we aren’t going to look back on life and remember the days we had a good nights sleep, from now on I’m going to fuck the anxiety, fuck the self concious feeling, get the fuck up, a bottle of vodka to hand and get out and make memories, amazing memories that I will remember when I look back on my life, the society we live in is so depressing, so much judgment and hate, and you know what? Fuck it, don’t let them feelings keeping you from going out and making memories

people hear but they don’t listen, people talk but they don’t mean, people think but they don’t speak. Look at what society is turning us into. We’re surrounded by poison, we’re surrounded by demons we cannot see. We look but we don’t see. If souls seize to exist then colour must be an illusion. If millions of dollars are being spent on charities why is it more that out of 7.1 billion people 810 million are malnourished and suffering? Where is our money going. Why aren’t people getting better.

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If you don’t like the way the world is, then it is your responsibility as a human being to do something about it. Make some noise, stand up for what’s right. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming society is unchangeable, that’s bullshit. The only way this world will ever get any better is if we make it better. That’s all there is to it. We have the power to change society for the better, we just have to realize it.